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Goal setting:How do you set a goal and what are the criteria for goals? Should they be "reach for the sky" and maybe you make it or fall short, or should they be less ambitious and therefore less exciting? One thing’s for sure ifYOURGOAL is not clearly understood by you then you will never reach it. I say IT on purpose, as having more than one goal at a time leads to confusion and inefficient training. To reach your goal, your training needs to bespecific,personal,appropriate,progressive

Don't get the travel blues

If you are driving, flying or even taking the train this holiday season, keep in mind each of these in their own way, have risks. Not the obvious dangerous type of risk from crazy drivers, bad weather or overflowing airliners full of sick people with diseases to spread. We are talking about the self-imposed "injury" as a result of personal failure to PLAN. Plan what you might ask? Planning is simple. For example, you get to the airport; you get on the plane and fly. You arrive at your destination, hug the family/friends and party… but it's not that simple.

Shamrock Sportsfest is coming

So it's time to think over your goals for the Shamrock Sportsfest and what that means for your pace, so if you have set a personal goal, can you reach that goal by running or do you need to add some walking? This may be an analytical approach but work out what average pace you will need. If you can achieve this average through a run/walk plan then try building in specific walk blocks earlier in the race for example walking for 2 or 3 minutes through each drink stop and then plan to start running again after 2 or 3 minutes. Another strategy during your training is to make sure you are not going out too hard for those first 10 miles as this unduly fatigues you. Make sure you are taking on calories through sports drinks or water/gels, this keeps your energy levels up and will help prevent fatigue. During your training also try pushing those limits back a little each time you run, go that little distance further each time and say "I told you so, see I can do it!" to that negative voice and when you do, smile to yourself or for the world to see. :))

Nutrition and Training and Racing and Living: How to Love that Fuel

Lifestyle and nutrition
1.   Food and drink for fuel and hydration:
a.     What we commonly understand as food, breakfast, lunch, dinner and even fast food is just really fuel for the trillions of cells that make up our body. Sounds pretty dull doesn’t it? Even for us athletes’, fuelling doesn’t have to be boring as there are so many good choices. Colorful vegetables, lean meats and fish, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Of course we are nothing without water! Eat more carbohydrates early in the day to fuel your work and training and then proteins later in the day to help with recovery and repair.

New Wada Prohibited List

Wada (World Anti Doping Agency) have released THE 2012 PROHIBITED LIST INTERNATIONAL STANDARD. Check out the link below to see what has changed this year.

New Year 2012

Hey it's nearly 2012 and so as we choose new things to do and achieve, be bold in what you choose, dont shrink from the challenges that are out there. Be bold and seize the days, each and every one of them before they slip away to 2013... My 2012 includes arace for 24 hoursin Hampton on April 21st, where I am experimenting to see how many 10ks I can run in 24 hours,a century ride from Williamsburg to Richmondand theMountains of Fun (MOM)sub 5:45 mountain century in The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Musings From a Veranda

After a fun track session, just right for the group especially in an EASY week, today is for recovery. Good nutrition is even more important following harder training days, so eat well and drink your water! Virginia Beach is overcast, cloudy and dull but good training weather. So Get Out There...and enjoy some exercise. Anyone suffering shin issues? There is an interesting booklet on shin problems from Peak Performance that I can send a link to. Carpe Diem. Dai

Musings from a veranda

Such a great day in Virginia Beach for riding and lunch, Italian Style at the Marchese Market on Pleasure House Drive with George Beecher-Jones IV.. such decadence with wine after. Ah I love days off. So with the weather cooling significantly and cloud covering our Virginia Blue Sky gotta prepare for the FKS Track session at 5:30. Should be a good workout so lets see and report back tomorrow. Only 5 days to Christmas... yipp yipp. 

Musings From a Veranda

So we finally worked out how to get the website set up and we will grow our site and provide a resource for answers to your questions as well as links to the latest on training, equipment and local events. We cant wait to get going and see just how  much value we can add to your training and racing experiences. 

So on such a beautiful day at the beach, it's a shame to be working inside. Soon twill be time to train in the great outdoors and have some fun. Riding Tuesday morning for a few hours with lunch maybe at Rigolettos, Red Mill.

Website creation station...

Man alive making websites is not for the fainthearted. We have worked for days to bring this out and we should be done by Monday so watch out for us being PRESENT online. Of course you can view us on Facebook and even follow us on Twitter just look for Dai Roberts

Musings from a Veranda

Another fine day in Virginia Beach for training, weather's good, so no excuses. So who am I to blog about training? I have done some racing, multisport world championships, track world championships, road national and regional levels, so I know a thing or two about training. Also being a qualified coach and a omnivorous reader, I stay up to date with the latest and oldest ideas - ones that work anyway :) 
Some tips: Try getting a regular rhythm of training to help with that cold - wet - don't want to run day feeling.
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