Specializing in bike fitting, bike service, triathlete coaching, BEMER PEMF Vascular Therapy, and muscle activation.
Professional FIST and GURU qualified bike fitters using the GURU 3D bike system.
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Perfect Fit/Guru Experience/Saddle Fitting

Proper on-bike positioning allows you to be more comfortable, improve efficiency, perform up to your potential and prevent overuse injuries that can result from poor alignment. Even the smallest adjustment can have a positive impact on performance.
Take the guess work out of "How should my bike be set up?". Come and experience DRG's bicycle fit head-to-toe system that doesn't miss a stroke.

The GURU Experience

Guru Bike Fit system

The GURU bike fit system is the worlds most advanced bike fit system. Cyclist of all ages and experience levels can find their perfect fit.  You will receive a tailored fit data report based on your riding preferences. A more comfortable ride and more power are just a couple of the benefits you will receive with a custom fit. 
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Super Fit (For Super Bikes only)

Please book this fit if you have a Super Bike with an integrated cockpit.  This fit provides all the benefits outlined below in a Perfect Fit, but must be scheduled in two separate appointments a minimum of two days apart.

$275* for Road Bikes
$300* for Triathlon/Time Trail bike

*There will be a $50 charge for each additional hour. Prices include fitting and do not include labor, spare parts such as new saddles, bars, stems, cleats, pedals, or accessories which can be purchased through Perfect Fit.

Perfect Fit

Our Most Requested Fit - Our Premium Dynamic Fit includes a complete rider assessment including body scan and interview, you should allow up to 2 hours. Using the GURU Bike Fitting System and F.I.S.T. principles, our experienced bike fitters will set you up perfectly for your current bike or help you decide on a new bike purchase. An email will be sent with your Perfect Fit report including your measurement details for personal use. This fit includes a  FREE follow-up within 30 days. 

$185* for Road, Mountain, Cross bikes
$235* for Triathlon and Time Trails bikes

  • The optimized ride position on your bikes
  • Improved performance over time
  • More comfort
  • Greater power and efficiency
  • Fit for new or existing bike
  • Pre-purchased and after to finalize correct fit
  • E-mailed coordinates
  • Pre-fit assessment

*  There will be a $50 charge for each additional hour.
Prices include fitting and do not include labor, spare parts such as new saddles, bars, stems, cleats, pedals, or accessories which can be purchased through Perfect Fit.

Saddle Fit

Try it before you buy it!  We have a large selection of Cobb, Fi'zi:k, and Vo2 saddles that you can "test drive".  Schedule an appointment and we'll set you up on the GURU where you can then test several saddles.  Find one that suits you and rent it for a week.  When you are ready to purchase one, rental fee will be deducted from the cost of the saddle!  Schedule your saddle fit appointment now!
Saddle fit: $45
1 week Saddle rental fee: $50 (Purchase a saddle from us and the rental fee will be deducted from cost of saddle)

Foundation Fit

Foundation Fit = BIKE FINDER - Convert XY coordinates from the GURU 3D Camera into complete bike solutions and see which bikes are right for you from a database of 100 brands and over 6000 models complete with advice from our fitters. 
  • Don't have the right bike right now?
  • Come and see us to find the right bike for you (Road, Mountain only, currently)
  • Body scan details emailed direct to you and saved in the system for future visits and for that Super Fit or Perfect Fit

Standard Bike Fit without GURU

We fit you on your bike on one of our trainers . The price is for your fitting session and does not include, any parts, (which we'll be happy to order or work with you online to find that right part) or applicable taxes.  Cost $100 for 60 minutes.

Proper Foot Placement

Proper shoe/cleat alignment

Proper foot alignment on the pedal is essential for maximum efficiency and pedal power. If the ball of your foot is placed too far forward on the pedal, then too much pressure is placed on the toes which reduces power production and will will cause pain and possible injury.  If the ball of your foot is placed too far back on the pedal, your foot cannot rotate properly and you will lose reach and power.  For maximum power production, the ball of the foot must be placed on the pedals and feet aligned properly.

Cost: $50 

Please bring:
  • Clean shoes
  • Cleats
  • Pedals of Choice
(If screws are rusted or stripped, additional charge or recommend new shoes/cleats).

What should I bring to the fit session?

•       Bicycle - Clean and in good working condition. (We'll also tune and clean bike for you, Ask for details.)

•       Cycling clothing - not too baggy. (Something you'd normally wear while riding, Your going to be riding.)

•       Cycling shoes - clean and dry. If you have old worn out cycling shoes or cleats now is the time to replace them. If you have recently purchased new cycling shoes please bring your old pair as they can assist with gathering information about cleat set up. (You may be asked to replace cleats, as there will be a need for foot placement adjustments.)