Specializing in bike fitting, bike service, triathlete coaching, BEMER PEMF Vascular Therapy, and muscle activation.
Professional FIST and GURU qualified bike fitters using the GURU 3D bike system.
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Our coaches will provide experienced based informative and usable information to support your goals on the following topics.

  • Motivation to train Structure your training 
  • Prevention of injuries 
  • Eat right for your training 
  • Flexibility Improve your Running Form 
  • Efficiency in your Cycling 
  • Excellence in your Swimming Stroke 
  • Optimized transitions for multi sports 
  • Strength improvements for all

    Triathlon Clinics 2018

    Register for one of all of our clinics below!  Each clinic is geared toward a specific element of triathlon racing and training.  These clinics are $20 each or FREE to Perfect Fit Tri Club members, our DRG Coached athletes, and to anyone who purchased a Beginner Triathlon Coach Supported Program.