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Dai Roberts Group

Specializing in all level triathlete coaching

BEMER PEMF Vascular Therapy

Coach Supported Training Programs

Each program is designed for YOU and only you based on a clear understanding of your goals, abilities and schedule. We tailor training to fit your life and not make your life fit the program. You achieve your goal through consistency and communicating regularly with your coach. Having the whole program from day 1 enables you to adjust as needed. Major training program changes can be made for a $25 change fee, so that you can continue with training if your circumstances change.

Don't see the program you need, contact us for a tailor made plan for your distance! 

If you wish to purchase a Coach Supported program, please click here and reference the program.

Running Programs

16 Week Training Program $189.95

12 Week Training Program $129.95

10 Week Training Program $79.95

8 Week Training Program $59.95

Triathlon Programs

20 Week Training Program $229.95

16 Week Training Program $169.95

12 Week Training Program $119.95

8 Week Training Program $89.95

Cycling Programs

16 Week Cycling Program $159.95

12 Week Cycling Program $109.95

8 Week Cycling Program $79.95

Fitness Program

8 Week General Fitness Program $79.95

4 Week General Fitness Program $49.95

Changes to Program

Changes to Program $25.00