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Running and Strength Coach, Leisa Villani

Ace Certified Personal Trainer April 2010
American Red Cross CPR/AED Adult

Leisa Villani is one of the most successful female masters and senior runners to compete for the Tidewater Striders, earning recognition for her accomplishments locally, statewide, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Over the course of the past dozen years or so she has placed first as the overall masters’ and age-group winner in numerous local races, and often would also be the first overall female finisher. At the state level, she currently holds six Virginia State Road Race age-group records. In 2008, the Washington Running Report, which details running performances for the mid-Atlantic region, ranked Leisa as 1st for the year in her age group; she was labeled the Tornado from the South. Also that year Leisa received national and international recognition in the half-marathon.


  • In 2008, Leisa ranked 5th in the USA and 25th in the world in the half-marathon for females age 50-54.
  • In 2008 the Washington Running Report, which details running performances for the mid-Atlantic region, ranked Leisa 1st for the year in the female age group 50-54.
  • Virginia State Road Race age-group records:

Female age group 45-49

  • 5K – 18:41 set in 2003
  • 10K – 39:02 set in 2003

Female age group 50-54

  • 5K – 19:19 set in 2008
  • 10K – 39:48 set in 2010
  • Half marathon – 1:27:09 set in 2008

Female age group 55-59

  • Half marathon – 1:30:50 set in 2014

Female age group 45-45

  • Former record holder for marathon – 3:03:30
  • Outstanding Female Performance Award from the Tidewater Striders (2003)
  • North Carolina State RRCA Half Marathon Grandmasters Female (2009)
  • Virginia State RCAA Female Masters Champion in the 10K (2010)
  • Personal best race times:
  • 5K – 18:41
  • 10K – 38:58
  • 10 Miles – 1:04:48
  • Half Marathon – 1:25:13
  • Marathon – 3:03:30

Fun Facts about Leisa 
What is your athletic background? 
Softball from 5th through 12th grade JV & Varsity cheerleader 
What’s your favorite race? 
 As long as I'm feeling strong the distance doesn't matter.
Your most memorable quote… 
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 
The farthest I’ve ever been from home is… 
San Francisco, CA 
My most memorable running experience was… 
Doing the run portion of a half ironman relay with my husband & placing 1st 
Who's your running/biking/swimming inspiration? 
Joan B Samuelson/Natasha Badman/Mike Villani 
Which is your favorite restaurant? 
Bangkok Garden