Specializing in bike fitting, bike service, triathlete coaching, BEMER PEMF Vascular Therapy, and muscle activation.
Professional FIST and GURU qualified bike fitters using the GURU 3D bike system.
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Looking for the ultimate challenge?

One sport, three events. Swim - Ride - Run. Sprint distance to Iron Distance.  From a 700 meter to 2.4 mile swim, from a 12 mile to 112 mile bike ride, or 5k to a marathon.
We can help with transition practice, supervised open water swims, group long bike rides, group runs and track sessions.

Contact Us to arrange a free initial discussion to talk about your goals and how we ca help you achieve them!

Bike Transportation

We provide bike transportation to several events nation wide.  Your bike is transported without disassembly.  In addition we can transport one race bag at no additional cost.  Be confident that your bike will arrive safely and on-time, stress-free and hassle-free.  Click on the link below to see currently supported events. Limited spaces available.   Only $175.