Specializing in bike fitting, bike service, triathlete coaching, BEMER PEMF Vascular Therapy, and muscle activation.
Professional FIST and GURU qualified bike fitters using the GURU 3D bike system.
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Training Block

August - October - 2019 Training and racing season

November - Tropical Tri Tours Training Kick-Off.  Sign Up for your Half Ironman Coach Supported Program

December - February - Training.  Check out our Group Workout Schedule

March - TAPER - Relax, Enjoy, Celebrate!

TTT - Logistics

Hotels - Dining - Flights - Uber - Bike Transport - Drinking Water 

Look out for updates on DRG Instagram page  or Dai's blog

TTT - Puerto Rico - Daily Life

Check back for: Outline Timings, daily ideas and more.  Contact us with suggestions!