Specializing in bike fitting, bike service, triathlete coaching, Physical Vascular Therapy, and muscle activation.
Professional FIST and GURU qualified bike fitters using the GURU 3D bike system.
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Group Workout Schedule

Train with us!  Get the motivation and support you need from our coaches and other athletes.  It's a fun way to get your training done.  Come and try our workouts for FREE.  All workouts meet or occur at Perfect Fit Cycling except for Sunday's  hill session. 

Join the Perfect Fit Tri Club... it's a perfect fit for everyone!  For less than $10 per month, come to our workouts run by our certified coaches, workout with other motivated and fun athletes, learn new information with our clinics (all clinics are FREE), and hang out at our socials.  Also enjoy, a Dai Roberts Group t-shirt, 10% off services and 15% off products and more ... your membership will pay for itself!  Your annual membership fee for all this is only $99.  (See full benefits here).
*Indoor cycling fee not included in your annual membership fee

All workouts meet at Perfect Fit Cycling
**Please check our Facebook page for weather updates and cancellations**


5:30pm - Coached Open Water Bay Swim - (Mid May - Setptember) Meet at Perfect Fit, walk over to bay for a 5:45pm start.


8:30am Group Ride (20-25 miles) - all abilities. 

Run - 2 - 4 mile run off the bike


3:30pm Group Ride - all abilities (appox. 20 miles)
5:30pm Group Run - (replaces Track Night Tuesday's)
Club night!  Stay tuned for details on clinics and socials, available only to DRG coached athletes and Perfect Fit Tri Club members.


8:30am Group Ride (20 - 30 miles) - all abilities
Run - 2 - 4 mile run off the bike
5:30pm - Coached Open Water Bay Swim - (Mid May - September) Meet at Perfect Fit, walk over to bay for a 5:45pm start.


8:30am - Longer Distance run - Perfect Fit is only 2 miles from First Landing State park - a beautiful place to run. 
** Summer "beat the heat" hours:   Perfect Fit will open at 6:30am during the hot summer months for anyone interested in an earlier start.
10:30am Track Session (as arranged with Dai)
** Perfect Fit will be closed a few weekends during the race season so that we can support our athletes at races across the country (and beyond!).  Check the home page for dates or call (757)752-6569.


8:30am - Group Ride, "A pace", 30-40 mile ride - Triathletes always welcome.